May. 28th, 2013

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My best friend is moving away for grad school. She's the person I've known the longest here in DC -- we moved here together though we didn't end up living together until several years later. She's gotten me through breakups, several moves, the time one of our students was in a coma, and the time a coworker threatened to punch my face in. I've been there for her for two rounds of layoffs, a bad breakup, and having to move out of a house that had turned poisonous very fast. We have done massive crafting projects together, gone berrypicking and made such a mess making jam that years later I'm still finding splatters, spent holidays together, made pizza and mixed drinks and the world's best trifle together, and dated a lot of the same people through OkCupid.

It's odd how entangled lives can get without your even noticing. I haven't lived with her since 2009, but all week I've been trying to figure out which things in my house are hers and which things at her house are mine. A lot of stuff in my kitchen got here either from her bringing it over to cook or her giving me her old stuff when she bought top-of-the-line kitchen gear (she is a serious foodie). I think I still have her tent in my attic from a camping trip three years ago. She lent me A Clash of Kings back in 2006 and I bounced hard off of it but never got around to returning it. I'm pretty sure I returned her ipod that I'd kept for more than a year... And then today she called up and asked if I had her cleaver, you know, the one she'd broken a cutting board with. :) And I was like, maybe? I remember borrowing it that one time I tried to make bone broth with an actual cow's leg... (An experiment that was never repeated, may I add.)

And fuck, I am going to miss her so much.


zana16: The Beatles with text "All you need is love" (Default)

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