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Erik and [ profile] twistedchick and I went to see the new Indiana Jones movie today. It was fun. I'm going to dig up the other movies and rewatch them, as I haven't seen them in ages.
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I went to see Mr Smith Goes to Washington tonight, which was sooo good, and made me teary-eyed, and made me glad that I'm no longer on head-meds that made me so fucking STABLE and EVENKEELED and BLAH that I couldn't tear up at good movies or meditations or even a death in the family cause NO YOU CAN'T BE DEPRESSED WHEN YOU HAVE NO FEELINGS WHATSOEVER. And it occurs to me I may have some anger issues over losing six years of my life to drug-induced emotional stunting, but anyways, movie! Soooo awesome. And Jimmy Stewart! OMG I want to marry him. He's just... he's just amazing. He doesn't have to rely on dialogue, or swelling music, or anything; he just acts, and it's fucking amazing. That is all.
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Signs you've been watching too much X-Files lately:

1) You get very upset with Netflix when they don't have Plan Nine From Outer Space immediately available.... it's only the third-worst movie ever made; who else wants the damn thing?!

2) In the "Magick and Paranormal" section of your second-favorite used book store, you actually pick up The UFO Abductee's Survival Guide and laugh so hard the owner of the store gives you dirty looks.

3) You know all the words to Bree Sharp's stalkeriffic "David Duchovny, Why Don't You Love Me?" and catch yourself singing them in the backstock refrigerator at work.

4) You have (oh, the shame) read Lone Gunmen Mary-Sue fic because dammit, there's no good LGM fanfic out there.


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