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So, this journal isn't friends only, at least not quite. But anything remotely interesting personal is friends-locked, because I have students who are apparently not able to deal with the fact that I am a human being, so I need to be boring a role model by keeping my private life private. If you're interested in my life, friend me and I'll probably friend you back, unless you appear to be one of my students.

ETA: I no longer have students! I still have friends-locked entries, but not all that many. Feel free to friend, and I'll prolly friend you back even if I'm horrible about actually reading my flist consistently.

ETA 2: All (well, most) fannish content is f'locked for various reasons. But please do comment and I'll add you!

ETA 3: If you'd like to be on my various friends-filters, see this post and this post for details.

ETA 4: A cast of the characters you're likely to run into in the pages of this journal.
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Eeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwww!!! I just took a swig of my grapefruit juice, only to find that I had by accident swiped my roommate's Minute Maid Berry Punch, All Natural Flavors (TM). Let me tell you, there is nothing natural in that crap. Fortunately I managed not to spit it across the room (did I ever mention the time one of my students switched the salt and the sugar and I was just barely awake when I gulped my morning cup of tea? I was late to class that morning cause I had to clean up the staff kitchen. That may have been the origin of not putting sugar in my tea.) as I was sitting on my bed. And now I'm beginning to realize why it is that you're not supposed to drink from the carton, even if the carton is yours and nobody else wants your grapefruit juice anyways (tangent--why do I always like the things other people don't? I swear, it's impossible to find arugula in this town; at least with the grapefruit juice, there's one kind without Red 40 in the entire wall of juices at the third store I went looking). So. I guess I have to fess up to Jermaine that I took a swig of his nasty Berry Punch, and go buy him another. Frak.


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