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Hey look! I will do something vaguely fannish. I will rec some good fic.

This fandom, people. 90% of the fans are all about the Bilbo/Thorin, and I just cannot. I have bounced hard off of fandom's OTPs before, but never to this extent. Also I will read Fili/Kili, it doesn't trip my incest squick for some reason, but it is all fluff or really REALLY bad angst. Or both. (Actually it's the both that worries me.) This means that a sizable portion of the fic is not my style. Thank goodness, actually, because this is a truly massive fandom.


DWALIN AND BOFUR. There is a reason that my story is about these two. I will read them with practically anybody, since almost nobody else writes the two of them together (which I understand; it took me 22K words to get them to kiss.)

Dwalin/Thorin, Dwalin/Nori, and Dwalin/Ori are my favorite Dwalin pairings, in that order. I think the first one is the hottest and the last one is the cutest. Dwalin/Ori does tend to get into exaggerations of Dwalin being three times Ori's size or some such nonsense, and if I never read another fic in which Dwalin saves Ori yet again from being raped I will be a happier fangirl. Ugh. Warrior/scholar pairings, yes I know it's a trope -- but seriously. Ori is a fucking dwarf on a fucking quest to kill a fucking dragon -- Thorin wouldn't let him come if he weren't capable of taking care of himself.

Bofur/Bilbo is a favorite. Much as I love Nori, I do not get Bofur/Nori. Other than Dwalin, I don't actually ship Bofur with anyone else.

Other dwarves who are my favorites:

1) Nori. NoriNoriNori. Sadly, Nori gets like one speaking line in the movie. We know that his moviecanon backstory is he's a shady character, and I love the fanon that's sprung up around him. (I also love that I contributed in a small way to that fanon with a throwaway line about Thorin giving Nori a choice between going to prison and going on the quest.)

2) Bifur. There is no good Bifur fic. It is all angsty fic about him being horribly disabled by the axe in his head, and good lord why can't anyone give him a happy ending for once? (I should mention that I am also guilty of writing angsty fic about Bifur.)

3) Dori. Also very little good fic about Dori. C'mon, he has the biggest crush on Gandalf! Also I have some cracky headcanon about Dori.

4) Bombur. There is no Bombur fic. FML.

5) Oin. There is no Oin fic. Poor Oin.

Is anybody surprised that it's the minor characters I love the most? No? Moving on.


These are mostly works in progress. Yes, the book has been out for 80-plus years, but the hot dwarves only hit the screens two months ago. Give us time.

four of my favorite long-form stories so far )

So. That was fun.
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This is how I know I've been working in labor rights for too long:

I'm writing this Hobbit fanfic, right, and it seems to have grown some sort of plot. And the plot has a lot to do with the dwarves of Ered Luin being miners and the mine management being dicks and getting people killed, and Bofur accidentally becoming a union organizer because he'd like to not get killed thank you very much? So I woke up around 6 this morning, with this plotline having just come together in my head (please note: this is the background plot -- the story is still about the doomed love of Dwalin and Bofur). And I was thinking this through, and I realized that 1) THERE IS NO MANAGEMENT, THEY ARE DWARVES AND THE KING OWNS THE DAMN MINES and 2) I am probably going to write it anyways because Ered Luin has no king and 3) I need a new job, like, now.

...I am beginning to despair of my ever being able to get Dwalin and Bofur together in this damn thing.
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Just by chance, I was listening to NPR over dinner and happened to hear this segment: Vidders Talk Back to Their Pop Culture Muses. After a moment of "OMG, it's about us!!" (us = fans, as I can include myself in that group; I have no vidding skills), I heard it mention the Organization for Transformative Works.

It's not a story about fanfiction, which is still pretty taboo. It's a more accessible idea to outsiders: fanvids. It was a good public-interest piece, but well-researched, and it touched on a few fundamental ideas that as a fan I've given a bit of thought to: corporate media vs. fan ownership, for example. "The media seems to think they own the things they've pumped into my brain," says one of the vidders. Also the idea that the media isn't making the sort of thing that women want to view, so they're doing it for themselves.

And being that I'm now working in media relations, in the business of getting stories covered by the media, my question is this: how did this story come to be? Does OTW have a media/press person who pitches this kind of story to reporters? Because very few stories that are not pitched (or are not political or disasters or both) actually get into the news. That's why organizations hire companies like mine: to call up reporters and convince them to cover the organization. My other idea is that maybe someone in the newsroom is a vidder and wanted to do the story. I'm just intrigued; I didn't think that OTW was big enough to have their own media relations.

I'm linking to a vid that I hadn't seen before, called "Us," by Lim. I like it because it's about the canon material, and about fans, and because I recognized almost all of the source material, and also because it has a clip from The Professionals in it which always makes me happy (come! join our fandom! 'tisn't scary at all!).

Us - lim
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I'm adding this for just as a note to myself, really. It's a list of fandom-related things that I want and really can't afford or can't get ahold of cause, like, the zines are out of print or the author threw a hissyfit and stomped out of fandom and took all her stories with her (or so I'm told; who knows what really happened--fan history is written by those who stick around).
Work in progress--I'm adding things slowly to this list. Gonna start with Pros fandom--brand new (to me), but already belov'd.

The Professionals

The DVD boxed set Yeah, I broke down and bought it. My excuse to myself is that my brother was going to buy it for me otherwise, and he really couldn't afford it.

#2 and #3 in Jane Carnall's "Fox and Wolf" trilogy. Is this online anywhere? If so, I can't find it.

Various zines )
Somebody to write me a Stuart/Doyle fic. Because I heart Stuart. Of course my OTP is Bodie/Doyle so I want Bodie to find out and be angsty and jealous but unwilling to admit he's jealous, but I want Stuart and Doyle to snark at each other and at Bodie. I've got a feeling if I want this fanfic, I'm going to have to write it myself. Nobody else in this fandom seems to share my Stuart-love. This might have something to do with the fact that he appears in a grand total of one episode and is a bit of a dick, but I heart him anyways.

Podfic! Fanfic, read aloud. Sometimes, but not always, by the author. There is, sadly, no Professionals podfic. Woe. Yep, this is another thing I'm going to have to do if I want it. I wonder what kind of equipment I'd need?

So, I know this is... wrong... but I want to see The New Professionals. I already know I won't like it, but I want to see it. It's like--it's like Galactica 1980, right? You know it's a trainwreck, but it's a canon trainwreck so you want to see it! ...But then you discover that accepting it as canon means you have to accept that Starbuck died stranded and alone on a barren planet. Which is so not cool. I don't have high hopes for this series, but I do want to see it. Just to know.

Since this is more of a dreamlist than a wishlist, I'll stick this on: I want to see The Chief as well. Which, well, if you thought it was hard for an American to get ahold of a popular '70s British show...

...The novelizations! Because it's *almost* canon!
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Starsky & Hutch

Season 4 DVDs. Yes, Season 4 sucked. But I have the other three seasons, and I have great memories of lounging around Leonard's cabin naked watching them. So I want the last season.

The Lone Gunmen

I want the It Takes All Kinds archive back up. Because I firmly believe that it is a fandom tragedy when an archive goes down, especially for small fandoms like this one.

D. Sidhe to update her hilarious, cracked-out, had-me-laughing-so-hard-I-hurt Caffeine, Conspiracies, And The Fortean Nature of Fishes. I spent days reading this series last Christmas. Stories like this are the reason fanfiction was invented.

Also I want the DVDs. I totally cannot justify this to myself as I have all the eps on my laptop.

Law & Order

Yes! NBC gave us Season 6 on DVD! Now give us Season 7! And, you know, Seasons 8-18! Also, get my library to buy them so that I don't have to!

And yeah, I know this fandom is ancient by internet standards, but it's incredibly frustrating to know that there was once good Logan/Stone fic out there that people actually recced, and now there's like, three stories still on the 'net.

The Practice

Best law show ever. So why don't they put more than the first season out on DVD?? *pouts*

Also, some decent fanfic for this show. Am I just not looking in the right places?

Lord of the Rings

There's this fanfic that was written back before the movies. It's gen. It's about three paragraphs long. It's about Legolas, to whom I have never been partial. It remains the best fanfic I have ever read. And I can't find it anywhere.

New Battlestar Galactica

Somebody to watch Season 3 with.
No, scratch that. Somebody to watch Season 3 with who does not believe that Sarah Palin is going to Save America From Itself in 2012.


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