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Birthdate:Dec 16
Location:Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States of America
"And I am silent, some strange race, wrecked, solitary, here..." -Emily Dickenson

"Ideals are like stars; you will not succeed in touching them with your hands. But like the seafaring man on the desert of waters, you choose them as your guides, and following them you will reach your destiny." -Carl Schurz

Who am I? I'm Zana. Not my real name, but it is my real nickname.

I'm a writer. A large chunk of my posts are about what I'm writing. Currently that includes fanfic.

I'm a Quaker, by birth and inclination.

Where do I come from? I'm from all over. Seriously, all over (the US, anyway). Presently residing in Philadelphia.

Where am I going? No clue what I want to do with my life. My goals: get a book published that doesn't suck; learn German; explore England; visit Istanbul and Athens and Venice and Prague and Nepal; have a stable enough income to afford a place to live permanently where I can put all my books; see the Taj Mahal; be happy; discover the meaning of life.

I lurk in fandom. It's been known to eat my life. I have been, off and on, obsessed with Buffy, Sherlock Holmes, Horatio Hornblower and general Age of Sail/historical fandoms, The Lone Gunmen, Lord of the Rings (books mostly), and most recently and lastingly The Professionals and The Hobbit. There are worse things to be obsessed with, I suppose. I f'lock most fannish content in my journal.

Political/social activist. The environment and human rights; what else? Very into the local lifestyle; local foods, local businesses, etc. I give speeches against the death penalty. I wish for peace.

My Friending Policy: I friend back 99% of everyone who friends me. If I friend you, don't feel you are under any obligation to friend me back. Some of my posts are open, but personal stuff, fannish stuff, and anything to do with my writing is in Friends-only posts. I can be inconsistant about keeping up with my f'list, you have been warned.

My wish list is here. Because you want to buy me things. No, really, you do. Also feel free to give me anything on my Fandom Wish List or Christmas Wish List. Because random internet strangers giving me things isn't weird....

After all that, if you still want to know more about me,

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