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CNN actually did a story on McCain claiming Obama is the AntiChrist.
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This? Is hilarious. And it's even more hilarious (and heartbreaking) because the way I found out about it was that the guy arrested, was arrested in the parkinglot behind our work, and there was a whole "take-down" with four officers, a stake-out, unmarked cars, guns drawn... because of some weed and a freakin' turtle. When it went down, we thought it had to be either heroin at the very least, national security at the worst; instead it was marijuana. Lame.

And, of course, my boss, being batshit insane, tried to intercede on the guy's behalf, until A pulled her down and was yelling "They have guns!", somehow managing not to call her a moron for getting between the equally batshit insane DC police and their target. Did anyone else hear about how the police broke into the Berwyn Heights mayor's house on drug charges and shot the two dogs? My. Fucking. God.
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An interesting article called "Too Weird for the Wire":

As most of y'all know, I like conspiracy theories. I don't believe most of them, but I like to collect them. This one, however, is even more bizarre than my usual fare. I guess since it was born from anti-Semitism and racial hatred instead of the normal run-of-the-mill alienation of most conspiracy theories, it's necessarily more... something. I dunno.

But! Superman is playing on the National Mall tonight! So all is well with the world.

Also, Web 2.0? I can no longer pretend it doesn't exist. Because apparently now my job is going to consist of actually using it.


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