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Glad I went, but I am exhausted.

In spite of total lack of preparation, I think my panel (Old Fandoms Never Die) came off pretty well. I never did get to talk to any other Pros fans -- or indeed, anyone new -- during the weekend, which was a bit of a shame. On the other hand, I inexplicably know/have met at least half of the attenders, which given that I didn't really do IRL fandom until 2009 is kind of surprising.

I had a lot of fun at the dance, even though my knees did not appreciate me for it. The Community squee panel was my very favorite panel of the entire con. We decided that if the show's 4th season has to be declared non-canon for reasons of suck, we will do a virtual season with all the tropes that are left.

Also it was cool to have a big fandom (Avengers) in common with most of the participants, even if I don't feel particularly fannish about it, because I'm used to not being in the Big Fandom of the Moment at fannish gatherings.

The vid show was not as good this year, though there were one or two gems. The mere fact of cheap zines totally made my weekend -- though I am perplexed why they were not donated to Open Doors? My gain and all, but this is an OTW-positive crowd.

[personal profile] ambyr led the Avatar/Korr panel this morning, and then we went out to Panera afterwards to continue the discussion. I had brought my plush Appa, and brought it to the coffee shop. One of the waitstaff said, "Hey, is that Appa?" and I invited him to join us, but unfortunately he had to work. :)

Navigating having all three people that I'm dating at the same con was, predictably, just as exhausting as I'd expected, through no one's fault. I got a rather congratulatory comment that "every time I see you, you're making out with a different girl!" at one point. "One of them's a guy?" I offered. It was cool to be in a space where that was fine. But also exhausting, and I'm hoping not to have to interact with anyone at all until tomorrow. I hear there was an introverts party -- I should have gone! (Then I would be even more exhausted.)

Attendance seemed smaller this year than last year? I could be wrong. I know the every-other-year model makes more sense, but I wish I didn't have to wait another two years! Maybe I will brave another con sometime.

Huh. That appears to be a con report. Didn't expect that when I sat down to write this entry.

Gonna go play in the garden some more. :)
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omg so tired. Short update, then sleep.

I made the decision not to go to the Vajrapani empowerment by virtue of waking up after it had started. So I headed (eventually) to Silver Spring and back into fandom.

Good panels today, for the most part. I saved a bug from being stomped, so I feel like I've done my good deed for the day. (Seriously, Buddhism has so screwed with my priorities; I took a bug down four flights of stairs to release into a planter box outside, and yet I am not a vegetarian. ...Yeah.) I even experimented with actually talking during a panel today, which I did not expect, and somehow the world failed to end.

I put in a bid at the art show, drooled over the jewelry booth, found some more awesome stuff at the swap table (and realized that I'd left the box of stuff I've been saving for over a year to bring to the swap table at home at the foot of my bed), and went to dinner with [personal profile] melannen and two other people who were awesome and whose names I do not know. Dammit.

Vid show! The vid show was awesome, and there are a whole lot more fandoms to add to my Netflix queue. Sadly, no Pros in the lineup, not even in multifandom vids. I will have to come up with a cunning plan to rectify this in 2012.

Went to the first episode of the Fastlane room party. Much pretty. Came home and collapsed. Bed now.


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