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Did I tell you about how I went apple-picking, got 20 pounds of apples, got them home and realized oh fuck, I don't even really like apples all that much? And it only takes three whole apples to make an apple crisp, maybe five for a pie? I'm going to be eating these bloody things forever.

At least the roomies are more than willing to eat my baked creations. A. told me how much more she liked the latest pie crust than the one before, and I tried not to visibly wince, as the one she liked was store-bought and the previous one was made from scratch. Ah well. Maybe I'll unearth the Cook's Illustrated pie-crust-using-vodka-cause-CI-loves-to-fuck-with-their-readers recipe before Thanksgiving.

Also am panicking a little, realizing that I'm going to be working on Thanksgiving. Until two. So how the hell am I supposed to cook and host the meal?
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The roomies had a spontaneous celebration after we came home to discover that the landlord had finally replaced the waterheater. It's been a looooong week and a half of cold showers.


Apr. 20th, 2008 12:09 am
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I didn't think I'd get have a Seder this year, what with one thing and another, but tonight us goy roomies cooked for A., and thus was Zana made happy. Yayness.
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So, I have roomies. Four, to be precise. There's four of us girls and one guy, let's call him L, and pretty much we're all more masculine than he is, so it works.

This afternoon I get home, am munching happily on raspberry pie (it only took me six months to make the damn thing) as I head back to my room, and L and his boyfriend come out of the bathroom together, naked, which is much more embarrassing for them than it is for me, so I leave them alone.

Half an hour later the doorbell rings. I think, eh, someone else'll get it. Someone else does.

It's L's parents. They have just dropped by, unannounced, on their 30-year-old son, and lo and behold they get to meet his boyfriend for the first time. Boyfriend, apparently, freaks out and bails. L shows his parents around the house, deals with power dynamics, deals with questions like "how come roomie B is mowing the lawn, we taught you to mow the lawn, you're the man of the house here" and gets the rather strange question "why does B shake with her left hand?" to which L of course had no answer cause there was no way he could know the truth.

Which is that when the doorbell rang, B was flat on her back naked, masturbating in bed. And threw on minimal clothes to answer the door, sure it was just M (roomie A's girlfriend), and opened the door to a nice-looking older couple, tried to introduce herself without shaking hands with the hand she'd been masturbating with, and then tried to run downstairs to warn L in case he was, er, in a compromising position.

Me, I have no sympathy for them. Thirteen years since he came out, they should know better than to just drop in on him on a Saturday afternoon. I would kill my dad if he came over without asking.

B wasn't sure whether to tell L what happened, but she and I kept bursting into bouts of snickering during dinner (we grilled asparagus and salmon just before the rain came) so we had to tell him. God, I hope B doesn't move out. She's the best. She can crack me up in no time.

Just par for the course at chez Zana & co.
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Good news! Heather okay'd the dress and all my roomies liked it. And since Heather is awesome she brought out her jewelry collection and now I have accessories! And even lipstick, although I am such a non-girl that she had to show me how to apply it. Just need shoes (the dress would look gorgeous with my knee-high boots, but I'm already skirting too Goth for a Spickard family wedding) and to shorten the straps a bit so that they won't keep slipping down. I hope to hell it's not chilly in LA.
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Eeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwww!!! I just took a swig of my grapefruit juice, only to find that I had by accident swiped my roommate's Minute Maid Berry Punch, All Natural Flavors (TM). Let me tell you, there is nothing natural in that crap. Fortunately I managed not to spit it across the room (did I ever mention the time one of my students switched the salt and the sugar and I was just barely awake when I gulped my morning cup of tea? I was late to class that morning cause I had to clean up the staff kitchen. That may have been the origin of not putting sugar in my tea.) as I was sitting on my bed. And now I'm beginning to realize why it is that you're not supposed to drink from the carton, even if the carton is yours and nobody else wants your grapefruit juice anyways (tangent--why do I always like the things other people don't? I swear, it's impossible to find arugula in this town; at least with the grapefruit juice, there's one kind without Red 40 in the entire wall of juices at the third store I went looking). So. I guess I have to fess up to Jermaine that I took a swig of his nasty Berry Punch, and go buy him another. Frak.


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