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Dear local Quaker Meeting I no longer attend for reasons that will become obvious in the next sentence,

Let's discuss how you SHOULD deal with a creepy stalker in your membership.

1) On no account should he be nominated to a committee, LET ALONE a committee than pretty much runs the entire Meeting.

2) There is no possible world in which it is a good idea to make him CLERK of that already-powerful committee, thus giving him more power. "Oh, the nominating clerk didn't know him that well and the person who did know him didn't feel comfortable objecting." That is BS and there should be procedures in place to stop it happening. Nominating Committee has a duty to know the candidate and everyone on Nominating Committee has to feel comfortable saying no because that's how you get consensus and that's the definition of a Nominating Committee.

3) When he posts personal details about members on a public website, THAT CRAP NEEDS TO GET SHUT DOWN.

4) When an entire separate Meeting listserv has to be created just so that people can escape getting spammed with his rants, that is a sign. It is a sign that you should take away his posting privileges.

5) When five young women respond to you saying that they have been harassed and stalked by this individual, you need to take action. That action is to remove him from a position of power and privilege immediately.

6) No, I don't give a single damn if that hurts his feelings. I spent most of a year being made to feel unsafe. You know how many people gave a damn about my feelings then? Just me.

7) The time to ask for details was four years ago. The second most important time to ask for details is now. You know who has asked for details so far? Someone else who was targeted by him. The Meeting has not asked for details. The Meeting would prefer not to know. It is not my job to volunteer these details when you didn't follow up on them the first time around.

Want to know how many of these seven things have been done or will be done? NOT A SINGLE ONE.

And you wonder why you have no young people at your Meeting.


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