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Tuesday night was fucking amazing. We broke out the champagne early, way before any results were in--we all remembered last election. And then we started seeing results, and the screaming started.

Later we went down to a drum circle on U St, and as the last metro went in the middle of Obama's acceptance speech, I was stranded downtown, and I swear downtown DC has never been so happy.

93% of DC voted for Obama. Perfect strangers were hugging and kissing on the street. Cars were blaring their horns. Everyone was screaming. I don't think there was any crime Tuesday night in DC; everyone was just too blissed out.

It was like... I can't describe the energy. It was like when I was living in Spain and Bilbao Athletic won the futbol Cup, and the city shut down for three days. The streets ran red with kalimotxo and wine. Looked like blood. We partied for three days. The energy on Election Night, downtown, was like that on steroids. Like the home team had won, and finally, finally, I actually gave a damn about the sport.

I finally got a cab home with two guys who looked like extras in a rap video, a Native American, and a guy from Dublin. The cab driver said he wouldn't charge me a dime if I would take over honking the horn for him. I think we were all a little high--and I was definitely very, very drunk by that point. Drunk enough to try walking home on my bum foot... feeling no pain.

It was the first election where the candidate I voted for actually won--I was beginning to think I was cursed. I hope to God this isn't the only election that will be this meaningful for so many people, but I feel so blessed that I was able to see this one.

Finally, the song. This is the song I was going to post if we'd lost. It's brought me a lot of comfort over the past year or so, and now it no longer applies, so I thought I'd post it as a kind of "goodbye" to the song: Austin Lounge Lizards, We've Been Through Some Crappy Times Before
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This? Is hilarious. And it's even more hilarious (and heartbreaking) because the way I found out about it was that the guy arrested, was arrested in the parkinglot behind our work, and there was a whole "take-down" with four officers, a stake-out, unmarked cars, guns drawn... because of some weed and a freakin' turtle. When it went down, we thought it had to be either heroin at the very least, national security at the worst; instead it was marijuana. Lame.

And, of course, my boss, being batshit insane, tried to intercede on the guy's behalf, until A pulled her down and was yelling "They have guns!", somehow managing not to call her a moron for getting between the equally batshit insane DC police and their target. Did anyone else hear about how the police broke into the Berwyn Heights mayor's house on drug charges and shot the two dogs? My. Fucking. God.
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Can I just say how annoying it is that the Pope is in town? They've shut down streets all over the city. I got stuck in a trafficjam in an alley when I tried to get to the pool yesterday.


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