Jan. 17th, 2013

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So, one of the things under the Christmas juniper bush this year was a copy of my mother's application to study in Trompso, Norway for her first year of college in 1966. Apparently they were going through old files at Friends World College, and sent my uncle their stuff. There was both the application and a review of her work. Said work consisted of a portfolio of poems, mostly in Norwegian, and a short story she wrote about an experience with LSD. The story, almost 50 years old, featured the unironic use of the word "groovy" and I had this moment of wow, this is the creepiest story about drug use I've ever read, and seriously I will never understand my parents' generation.

It was my dad who was the actual hippie, with the long hair and the beard and raising goats and apparently driving a truck for the Heighton-Ashbury Coop. I know my dad did LSD in the sixties, I know he got arrested as a draft protester, I know he almost got kicked out of Stanford for being part of the sit-in, but that's not really the dad I know. The dad I know is the white-haired guy who will tell you all the research behind a social problem and all the ways in which politicians and corporations are fucking up the world.

And I never really knew my mom, but my memories are that she was the stable one in the relationship, and reading her application to college at a time when she'd just lost both her parents and wasn't stable was really pretty weird.

...This whole digression brought on by a link I found on FS today in which Leonard Nimoy was doing some serious drugs back in the '60s. I was raised on Tolkien, I'd heard the song before, but never seen the video.


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