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Many snuggles have been had, many fervent prayers of thanks have been offered to distant gods. Here's hoping I don't have to move again for a long while.
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I moved much of my stuff and my kitty up to Philadelphia today. He REALLY didn't enjoy the move, and when I let him out of his carrier in my new room on the third floor of a Victorian rambler, he immediately hid under the only available thing to hide under. I needed to get the truck unloaded so the housemate who lent it could run an errand, so I closed the door to let him get used to the place.

When I came back, he was gone. And he continues to be gone. He may very well have gotten out of the house since we propped the door to move things in. My housemate opened the door of my room to meet him, and must not have closed it all the way.

Anyways, I could really use any positive light you could send my way. We've searched all over the house and around the house, but it's nighttime. A message has been sent to the neighborhood listserv, and we're going to put up missing cat signs. I'm doing everything I can, which is not much. But it is awful to have pretty much tortured him with the move and then have him run off immediately, and I can't stop crying. Please send any positive energy you can.
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Why I Believe in a World Free of Nuclear Weapons

There was the children’s portion of the ceremonies, when all the little ones who died were remembered. A little known fact here in the United States, one that I didn’t know until I traveled to Japan, was that a majority of the people immediately killed by the A-bombs were children. It is estimated that around 30,000 children died. This was because many kids were part of the war effort. The Japanese armies were so overrun, and the need for adult bodies on the front lines was so extreme, that children were then recruited to build firewalls or to work for the war. As a result, many children were out working the mornings of August 6 and 9 when the bombs were dropped and paid the ultimate price.
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I have been wanting to post the Alice's Restaurant bit of my Hobbit fic-in-progress since forever. And I finally did!

Two more chapters til the end of Book II! Book III will be short. (I hope. Oh God, how I hope. I remember when I thought this whole thing was only going to be 50K words. It's at 110K right now.) And then I will be able to breathe again!
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I'm going to be in Greenbelt packing/loading the pickup for most of Saturday and Sunday, then driving up to Philly Sunday evening. And I'll be doing the same the weekend of the 10th and 11th. If anyone is up for helping for a few hours, I could really use it! I can pay in beer and/or dinner.
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Dear Scribbler,

My usual Yuletide spiel seems to apply: Thank you thank you thank you for writing me a story! Optional-details-are-optional, so feel free to ignore anything below. I will love anything involving characters from any of these books, so no worries.

I love gen, het, slash; any rating. Deathfic is okay though not preferred, but please no non-con; mention of it is fine but nothing on-screen. I prefer happy endings -- but you should write the story you want to write!

The Boxcar Children, Oz, Tintin, Chronicles of Narnia, Sherlock Holmes, The Egypt Game, Vesper Holly )

I'm back!

Jul. 28th, 2013 12:15 pm
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It was a lovely lovely week rafting Cataract Canyon with my dad and brother. I kiyaked and swam through a few of the rapids, but mostly let the rafting guides do the heavy lifting. We went with the only company that rows the entire river rather than using an outboard motor. It was glorious. (And hot. Thank God there was the river to cool off in.)

It was also silted as all hell, and after several showers I'm still washing dirt out of my clothes and hair. Not sure my new swimsuit will ever get all the mud out. Fortunately the hotel we were staying at is next to the rafting company headquarters, and they did not blink when we walked in completely encrusted with dirt. I'm doing laundry now and do not expect my lighter-colored clothes to make a recovery.
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I wish to go on record and say that I didn't even plant a damn zucchini plant. I planted a yellow squash plant. It was clearly labelled! The fact that I currently have a zucchini plant in my garden that covers a 5 ft by 5 ft square patch is NOT MY RESPONSIBILITY.

Unfortunately, the prolific and humorously-large zucchinis it is putting out have become my responsibility. I don't even like zucchini (HENCH MY NOT PLANTING ANY). I am at the point of contemplating leaving them on people's doorsteps in the dead of night...
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Everyone is shellshocked from Gathering, so it was a quiet. The entire office is still in boxes. My boss is lovely, but he is moving to Atlanta at the end of the month. Still, he is good at downloading all the dirt about in- and out-of-office Quaker politics.

In my cube, I found red plastic handcuffs with "Bound by your love" printed on them. I showed them to my boss with a slightly quizzical "Massively inappropriate prank on the new person or left here by the last intern?" He had a brief heart attack moment before I started laughing. There is also a lifesize cardboard cutout of Taylor Lautner with a massive paisley mustache that stares haughtily down at us from atop a file cabinet.

And most dangerous of all, I can buy books from the bookstore and have them taken directly out of my paycheck. I have been avoiding the bookstore for just that reason but it calls to me...
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Doing my budget for the internship year.

I can either eat, go to therapy, or have my meds. I cannot do more than one of these things.
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So, leaving a place brings home all the things I MEANT to do and never did.

For example:

- I have never been to the Greenbelt Museum
- I have never been to Eden Center
- I have never been to the Eastern Shore oh god I've lived here for eight years how did I never go to the Eastern Shore? okay, I meant the Atlantic actually; I've never made it to the beach
- I have never been to the Holocaust Museum
- I have never been hiking in Rock Creek Park proper
- I have gone to no shows at either the 9:30 Club or the Black Cat
- I have not been to that mansion museum whose name is escaping me
- I have never hiked the Billy Goat Trail
- I have never been to SpaWorld, sadness
- I have never biked the Northwest Branch trail
- I have never made the pilgrimage that all sustainable foodies must, out to Polyface Farm
- I have never, not once, made it to the Pride parade, :(
- I have never been out to the satellite Air & Space Museum
- I have never been to the Newseum
- I have never been in SW DC
- I have never taken a tour of the National Cathedral
- I have never been to the Baltimore library
- I have never found good Mexican food in this town
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This morning I accepted a one-year internship with FGC in Philadelphia.

So, I guess I'm moving to Philadelphia in the near future. I'm not sure yet whether I'll be starting in July or starting in August, but I will keep you guys updated.

Not sure how I feel about it yet. Sad, definitely, to be leaving my friends and my awesome housemate and my garden. Kind of excited for a whole new place. Anxious about finding a place to live and new friends and trying to live on less money than I've made in years.
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I was sitting in Union Station this morning in the food court writing, as I do most mornings before work, and the lights went out. It didn't really worry me until I got outside and there were police cars and caution tape for three blocks, and since I work right next to the Capitol building the mind jumps immediately to the worst conclusions.

Two years ago when we had the earthquake, I was taking my lunch break in the park next to the White House. I didn't realize it was an earthquake, just that the ground was shaking and didn't stop, and I thought very calmly, "Somebody is blowing up the President, I should get away from here." So I started walking, and people started streaming out of their buildings onto the street, and I still didn't put it together for another twenty minutes or so.

So yeah, that was a reminder that maybe moving to Philadelphia would be awesome.
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Come hang out with other fans who want to talk about elves and dwarves and hobbits and fic recs!

Tolkien slash fan meetup

Saturday, June 15 at 2 pm at Teaism in Penn Quarter (nearest Metro: Archives-Navy Memorial). I will be downstairs with my Bofur hat on and a sign.

Drink tea, natter about your favorite characters, tell us about the stories you’re writing and want to write. All are welcome.

Please promote!
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Dear local Quaker Meeting I no longer attend for reasons that will become obvious in the next sentence,

Let's discuss how you SHOULD deal with a creepy stalker in your membership.

1) On no account should he be nominated to a committee, LET ALONE a committee than pretty much runs the entire Meeting.

2) There is no possible world in which it is a good idea to make him CLERK of that already-powerful committee, thus giving him more power. "Oh, the nominating clerk didn't know him that well and the person who did know him didn't feel comfortable objecting." That is BS and there should be procedures in place to stop it happening. Nominating Committee has a duty to know the candidate and everyone on Nominating Committee has to feel comfortable saying no because that's how you get consensus and that's the definition of a Nominating Committee.

3) When he posts personal details about members on a public website, THAT CRAP NEEDS TO GET SHUT DOWN.

4) When an entire separate Meeting listserv has to be created just so that people can escape getting spammed with his rants, that is a sign. It is a sign that you should take away his posting privileges.

5) When five young women respond to you saying that they have been harassed and stalked by this individual, you need to take action. That action is to remove him from a position of power and privilege immediately.

6) No, I don't give a single damn if that hurts his feelings. I spent most of a year being made to feel unsafe. You know how many people gave a damn about my feelings then? Just me.

7) The time to ask for details was four years ago. The second most important time to ask for details is now. You know who has asked for details so far? Someone else who was targeted by him. The Meeting has not asked for details. The Meeting would prefer not to know. It is not my job to volunteer these details when you didn't follow up on them the first time around.

Want to know how many of these seven things have been done or will be done? NOT A SINGLE ONE.

And you wonder why you have no young people at your Meeting.
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Want to meet some DC-area Tolkien slash fans?

Come hang out with other fans who want to talk about dwarves and hobbits and fic recs!

Tolkien slash fan meetup

Saturday, June 15 at 2 pm at Teaism in Penn Quarter (nearest Metro: Archives-Navy Memorial). I will be downstairs with my Bofur hat on and a sign.

Drink tea, natter about your favorite dwarves, tell us about the stories you’re writing and want to write. All are welcome.

Please promote! Also please tell me where on earth to promote this, because I am Tumblr-illiterate.
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My best friend is moving away for grad school. She's the person I've known the longest here in DC -- we moved here together though we didn't end up living together until several years later. She's gotten me through breakups, several moves, the time one of our students was in a coma, and the time a coworker threatened to punch my face in. I've been there for her for two rounds of layoffs, a bad breakup, and having to move out of a house that had turned poisonous very fast. We have done massive crafting projects together, gone berrypicking and made such a mess making jam that years later I'm still finding splatters, spent holidays together, made pizza and mixed drinks and the world's best trifle together, and dated a lot of the same people through OkCupid.

It's odd how entangled lives can get without your even noticing. I haven't lived with her since 2009, but all week I've been trying to figure out which things in my house are hers and which things at her house are mine. A lot of stuff in my kitchen got here either from her bringing it over to cook or her giving me her old stuff when she bought top-of-the-line kitchen gear (she is a serious foodie). I think I still have her tent in my attic from a camping trip three years ago. She lent me A Clash of Kings back in 2006 and I bounced hard off of it but never got around to returning it. I'm pretty sure I returned her ipod that I'd kept for more than a year... And then today she called up and asked if I had her cleaver, you know, the one she'd broken a cutting board with. :) And I was like, maybe? I remember borrowing it that one time I tried to make bone broth with an actual cow's leg... (An experiment that was never repeated, may I add.)

And fuck, I am going to miss her so much.
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I sang at a wedding on Saturday and it was really really beautiful. They had been together for twenty-five years.

Each of the brides had their own bouquet, and after they said their vows they tied them together with ribbons to make one bouquet. It was really touching.
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I know a few of you are reading my Hobbit WIP... I find myself in need of a beta for about 5000 words (piece of a chapter) that is currently a mess. It's pretty context-dependent, so I need someone who's read at least the first book (The Secret).

I need help teasing out the essential bits to put in the rewrite, and how to make it more like a nice haircut and less like a tangle of hair clogging up the drain.

Clearly it is too late at night for metaphors.
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I did a thing! That I am legit proud of!

I wanted our spiritual exploration group to do a workshop on spiritual chanting, so back in September I promised to talk to the women who lead the chanting at the BYM women's retreat. I couldn't find their names, but at the retreat one of them was really excited and said that yes, she absolutely wanted to do it. She gave me her email address.

I emailed and never heard back. I figure it got lost in the email ether somewhere, but it left me at loose ends. Last month someone said "well, could you lead the retreat?" and I am not particularly fast on my feet when taken off guard, so I said "I guess so?"

But, uh, singing. Alone, in public, to teach and then lead people in chant. This is really really hard for me. The only reason I can manage singing with the Singing Quaker Women is because there are 2-3 other people singing second alto. (I may be the only second alto at a wedding at the end of the month and I am already panicking.) So I decided that I would use my laptop and play recordings of the BYM chanting and of the chanting workshop I did last year at FGC.

Last night, I set up my laptop and Sir Now Appearing's speakers and got everything working. But when I went to play the first chant, of course the speakers had decided not to work. But it was okay! I led about 20 chants, and my voice only wobbled once, and after we were done we were all so peaced out nobody really wanted to leave so we just stayed in a circle and talked about spiritual paths out of the silence. It was really lovely.

So, go me! Conquered a fear, pulled off a workshop, and had a wonderful and meaningful evening.


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