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Dearest Yulegoat,

Thank you thank you thank you for writing me a story! Optional-details-are-optional, so feel free to ignore anything below. I will love anything that involves my favorite characters, so no worries.

I love gen, het, slash; any rating. Deathfic is okay though not preferred, but non-con is not a story I want as a gift; mention of it is fine but nothing on-screen please. I dislike A/B/O in general. I prefer happy endings -- but you should write the story you want to write!

The Black Arrow - Robert Louis Stevenson: Alicia Risingham

I read this book recently -- girls dressing up as boys, it is a thing that I like -- and felt that there really needed to be a Dick Shelton/Joanna Sedley/Alicia Risingham threesome. Alicia flirts with both of them and so clearly loves them, and she got kind of a bum deal getting married off to someone she didn't even know. So my ideal story would be a threesome. A one-shot before her marriage or an ongoing arrangement; also Alicia paired with just Joanna would make me happy. But if threesomes aren't your style or you can't bear to break up Stevenson's OTP, anything that gives Alicia more of a happy ending would be great. Maybe her new husband is awesome! Maybe Richard III liked her cheek and rewarded her for it! The possibilities are endless.

The Well-Wishers - Edward Eager: Lydia Green

I would love to see Lydia Green as she grows up. Any sort of futurefic, magic or nonmagic or something in between like the books are. Maybe Lydia trying to make her own brand of magic in this world, now that she's not a kid anymore with the shortcut of a wishing well.

I have always shipped her with Dicky, but it's not an easy match: they're both stubborn and abrasive and from very different social classes. Probably she would go to college and he wouldn't, and probably she would travel and be an artist and he would be stuck trying to support his family. They would have a lot of stuff to work out if they were to get together; I'd love to see that played out.

The Boxcar Children - Gertrude Chandler Warner: Jessie Alden and John Carter

This is another heroine-grows-up request. A lot of Jessie's identity is being mother to her brothers and sister, and I think it would be interesting to see how that changes as they reach adulthood.

She has a schoolgirl crush on John Carter, and I'd love a story that explores whether that's something that's just a child's fantasy and how/whether it could work when she's grown up.

Hustle: Ash Morgan

Okay, so, I have a thing. It is a thing for grizzled older men who are super-competent, who the world has pushed around more than their fair share, who go on being stubborn and broken and super-competent. Ash Morgan is one of these men, for me.

I really can't say exactly why I love Ash so much. It has something to do with his crooked smile, and the fact that he is the one who Gets Shit Done. He is so quietly competent at what he does, every episode; he never misses a detail. And then you add in his guilt about what happened to June -- and his relief that it didn't happen to him -- and he knows that this family he's created is crazy and dangerous and addictive and he wouldn't give them up for anything -- and I love him to bits.

I would love any sort of story about Ash. If you want to write relationship, I think he pairs well with Stacie -- though she'd have to initiate it because Ash is too professional to do more than look from the sidelines -- and then of course he wouldn't think she'd be interested; Ash is getting old and Stacie has her thing with Mickey, whatever it is, and really he's always believed that Stacie was out of all of their leagues... There would be more than a little insecurity for him to get through!

I could also see him paired with Albert or Mickey. I'm not fond of Danny, and the Kennedys are iffy to me, so I'm going to ask you not to pair him with them. (Unless, of course, it is the story of your heart. I'm flexible.)

And the this-is-a-little-out-there suggestion: when I watched Law & Corruption (season 3, episode 6), there was the scene where Ghost and Ash met, and they immediately hit it off because there was this professional respect; they're both experts and again, that quiet competence, and I realized that this is what slash goggles are when I started shipping them in my head. So, I'd love to see that play out, or get Ash's thoughts on the way things went down in the episode, or what happened afterwards.

Thank you in advance! I know I am going to love the story you write.
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