Apr. 2nd, 2014

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I've been wanting to do a podcast of Quaker spiritual journeys for a while. I want to interview Friends who don't usually share such things -- the ones who don't write books, who aren't ministers, who don't spend their every day steeped in institutional Quakerism. (Why? Because I'm kind of sick of hearing those stories. I can't relate to them. I want stories from real people, not Quaker saints.)

And way seems to be opening. My Meeting here is behind the project (though I have to keep explaining what a podcast is to people over seventy), my boss is letting me work on it on FGC time and will give me webspace and has some decent equipment I can borrow. Also, when I said "I'm not going to do with FGC if I have to battle committees," my boss pretty much said that he didn't blame me and that I could still use the equipment if I didn't end up doing it in collaboration with FGC. This is all excellent!

I'm supposed to submit a brief proposal to the clerk of Nurturing Ministries (perhaps for once they'll live up to their name? it would be a first), and I find myself struggling with the title of the project. I want it to include the word Quaker, though that could be in "{Title}: a podcast of Quaker spiritual stories" instead of the name itself. Originally it was going to be TruthSpeak, but then Jon Watts launched QuakerSpeak and I really need to brand this as a different thing from QuakerSpeak (which is video, and short videos at that, and also aimed at newcomers more than at Quakers themselves). This is slightly complicated by the fact that at some point I will probably want to interview nonQuakers for this podcast to, but I'm starting with Quakers.

Here are some things I've come up with (and some I've crossed off my list) so far:

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So... help? Please give me all and any words that come to mind!


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