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If you could stand on the surface of the newly discovered Earth-sized exoplanet TRAPPIST-1f, what would you see? If you could stand on the surface of the newly discovered Earth-sized exoplanet TRAPPIST-1f, what would you see?

Corona Observed Over Reno, Nevada

Jun. 27th, 2017 03:01 am
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Suncorona_ 2-4-2017 (4)

Photographer: Greg Gardella

Summary Authors: Greg Gardella; Jim Foster

Shown above is a particularly colorful corona as observed over Reno, Nevada, right after a storm cleared the area. Though this image was taken with a cell phone camera, it looks as it did to my naked eye. However, most coronas aren't as vivid as this one. Coronas result when sunlight is diffracted by cloud droplets, most often in mid-level clouds. These droplets impede rays of sunlight in such a way to generate successive interference rings. Note that smaller droplets cause larger (wider) rings. Always use caution when looking anywhere near the Sun. Photo taken on February 4, 2017.

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I’m actually really glad you asked because oooh boy, let met tell you, Jake Peralta, in my humble opinion as a fellow sufferer, is currently the single most obvious but sadly non confirmed (yet… one can still hope) fictional character with (most likely) undiagnosed ADHD out there. His strengths as well as his flaws all point towards him having the disorder.

So let me start with the good things:

- He’s a quick thinker! He thinks in unconventional ways with his mind taking leaps and turns whenever it feels like it. Often allowing him to solve cases in creative ways. … It also makes for interesting conversations most of the time.

- Using his impulsivity in a good way! When he figures something out, he’s usually the first one to get up AND DO SOMETHING. 

- Excitability! Have you seen how his eyes lights up when he feels like he’s doing what he thinks is right? He becomes like a little hyperactive child again. Usually, adults with the disorder, aren’t as much outwardly hyperactive anymore as children are. Instead, this tends to turn into feelings of restlessness and gets internalized. But of course, in a show like this, it makes sense to show him like this.

- Hyperfocus! Die Hard, anyone?! That guy has had the same hyperfixation for years!!! And I bet, he frequently uses his hyperfocus capability to get things done, too. That is, if he’s interested enough, of course.

- His energetic personality! Brings some energy and passion into the work place, don’t you think? And also it’s how many adults with ADHD are perceived if they feel well-integrated and at ease with their surroundings. Always the one coming up with new ideas? That’s us!

Now onto the not so good stuff when you’re the one struggling with it:

- Again, impulsivity. Saying the first thing that comes to your mind, talking… A Lot, acting without thinking and without regard for consequences. As seen on the show, it has not always been the best “decision” for him.

- Mood swings! Unfortunately, many are not aware of this fact but in many cases, ADHD actually comes with fast and frequent mood swings. The smallest things can trigger intense emotional responses. Jake definitely has that as he tends to jump from “Life is meaningless!” to “I’m the greatest!” without a problem. Just solved a case? I’M SO HAPPY!!! Oh no, they got away with it? Why bother anymore…… Yeah, that…

- You know the episodes where he and Captain Holt are undercover as part of the Witness Protection Program and Holt points out how Jake seems depressed lately? Yeah, people with ADHD can way too easily fall into this mindset (mood swings, anyone?). With the absence of regular work to keep his fast-pacing mind occupied, it’s not a surprise that he starts feeling this way.

- Not able to handle boredom! He has always something going. Games, ideas, looking for new cases. He never slows down and seems to keep himself occupied at all times. Classic ADHD!

- The way he handles words and numbers, anyone? How he never reads books? Oh, and then his troubles with finances? His locker and desk looking… like that? Classic signs of troubles with organisation and attention to me.

- Easily discouraged! It can’t be denied that he hasn’t had an easy childhood. Together with the troubles with his father, ADHD could be a way to explain why he now is the way he is. 

- Problems with low self-esteem (*cough* and definitely Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria)! Either he feels like THE BEST COP OUT THERE or he falls into this thinking pattern where you have trouble believing that people actually care about you. Probably something he should talk about in therapy, as he puts it himself.

Together with his tendency to procrastinate when it comes to boring stuff, his inability to express and cope with his feelings sometimes, his forgetfulness and not so ideal time management (for example, being late too work all the time),  I strongly believe that Jake Peralta has ADHD and should be written and confirmed as such (hey, it’s never too late!).
An episode focusing on him suspecting he has the condition and eventually seeing a specialist? I’d cry. Honestly.

The fact that so many real people with the disorder relate to him??? Okay, that’s not actually relevant here but definitely something the writers should take into consideration. BUT, don’t feel bad if you don’t! Not everyone’s ADHD is the same! :)

Psst, you won’t believe how many times I sit there thinking “that’s so me!” while watching the episodes. There’s even more “evidence” sprinkled throughout the show. All the small details not listed aboved. It’s marvelous and oh-so-relatable.

And just imagine the many excited faces watching the show when a main character on a immensely popular show like this would be confirmed as being one of them! Just thinking of the tiny, tiny, TINY possibility puts me into happy stimming mode!!! It would also help increase awareness in those who may not know anything about it and help reduce prejudices ‘cause ding dong, ADHD is not a fake disorder and adults can have it, too. Surprise!

(P.S. Please also check out this awesome post!)

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I was flipping through my copy of the wonder woman movie novelization and something caught my eye..


I opened the epilogue and was like “wait a minute” bc-



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Noir Tony and Bucky hug!

Could be seen as additional art for the RBB I have drawn for, but I felt like the kiss picture would fit it better :) 

So, here, have a random Noir hug!!
(here, @sineala, I finally fixed the damned suspender :D)


Jun. 26th, 2017 06:47 pm
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Chouji has become a chunin, and what was always assumed must now be put to paper. 

Chouji walked home slowly.

Of course he didn’t tend to hurry as a rule, and there were plenty of opinions as to why, most of them rude. Still it seemed as though he was intentionally meandering his way back to the clan Compound when many of his other year mates had all but teleported home. They were excited, and they had every right to be.

They had become chunin.

It was an advancement long in coming and Chouji was cautiously pleased at the new title (and the pay raise that came with it.) He was doubly sure that Ino and Sakura, Hinata, Neji and Tenten, Lee and Shino and Kiba deserved their promotions.

He could picture the scene at the Yamanaka compound- Ino bursting through the door, face flushed, eyes sparkling. Her mother putting her hands over her mouth, Inoichi busting out into that massive, manic grin he’d passed on to his child. No doubt they would plan a tasteful yet undeniably lavish party.

Hinata and Neji probably got more subdued receptions but the Hyuuga would celebrate in their quiet, straight-laced way. No doubt Gai and Lee were crying over the sunset and Tenten had probably finally bought herself that perfectly balanced sword she’d been eyeing for a month and a half.

The Inuzuka compound would be in an absolute uproar because Kiba wasn’t the inheriting child but he was one of the best trackers their Clan had ever put out, and Shibi had probably already planned a small trip for his son- something in a more exotic locale where they could gather new beetles together.

Chouji knew a celebration was waiting for him, too. Something big and loud and full of all the delicious things anyone in the clan could think to make. There would be drinking and laughing. He would be teased, wrestled with, hugged and generally harassed.

His Aunt Sakuya would sniff and mutter about chunin not being that big a deal, but she would no doubt give him that precious prideful smile. His mother would kiss his cheeks, his father would radiate pleasure and relief.

It would be fun. It would be wonderful.

It would be.

But as Chouji made the final turn up the hidden path that would take him through the back gate- small, subdued, painted blue instead of red- he couldn’t see that happy time.

All he saw was his brother waiting for him.

Chouichi was leaning on the gate; he’d probably dismissed the guards, something well within his power despite not being clan heir. He’d probably heard from Hana already.

Chouji almost stopped walking. If he stayed put, if he didn’t cross those final yards, maybe he could keep it at bay just a little longer. Maybe if he turned around and made another loop of Konoha’s wall, he could pretend.

Chouichi watched him and smiled.

Chouji  stepped over the official line marking off Akimichi clan land and took a deep breath.

“I made it.” He whispered, and began to cry.

It was made official the next day. All the elders were there, Chouza’s sister Chouko, Chouji’s mother Reiko. Grandmother Ai had never seemed so imposing before.

They signed all the paperwork. Chouji was distantly proud that his hands didn’t shake. He sat beside his brother in the armor that was showier than normal (but still perfect for a fight because clans that partied hard fought hard too) and watched his father’s feet as Chouza walked up to them, the bo pole in his hands.

It didn’t look like much, but then neither did the Akimichi.

No doubt that was why the First Hokage had gifted it to Chouga in the first place.

Chouji willed his father to stop walking before Chouichi, foolish as it was, but he knew he didn’t imagine the hesitation.

It was minute. A millisecond, at most.

Still it was there, and Chouji felt a kind of vicious vindication before he felt the bo pole touch his shoulder.

He reached up, grabbed it, and stood. The other end of the bo pole was on Chouza’s shoulder. They were two men holding the same burden.

A Wall.

Chouza eased the bo pole off of Chouji’s shoulders and it was done.

What had been tacitly official in the years since the Uchiha Incident was now signed, sealed, stamped and delivered.

Chouji Akimichi would be the Sixteenth Head of the Akimichi Clan.

And he hated everyone in the room for it.

“You know  you keep making a face like that it’ll get stuck.” Chouichi said to him.

Chouji moved over on the porch to let his brother sit down.

“It should have been you.” He said, staring at hands that were still clenched.

“Chouji, things happen.” Chouichi said. “They made the right choice.”

“How do you know?” Chouji demanded, whipping his head around to glare at his brother.

Chouichi shrugged. “Because you care so much more than I do.” He said. “Chouji, you have more compassion in you than there are stars in the sky. You’re gonna be a great Clan Head.”

“Picked over a son who has a kekkei genkai even though his father thinks he’’s a coward.” Chouji whispered. “Some Clan Head.”

“Hey,” Chouichi said sharply, and whacked his brother lightly on the back. “You are no coward and I know it. And deep down Dad knows it, too.” He leaned on Chouji’s shoulder. “Now I just have to make you believe it.”

“I feel like I stole this from you.” Chouji said. “Like we all did.”

“Can’t steal something I never really wanted.” Chouichi said. “Now, come on, newest Chunin of Clan Akimichi. You’ve got an oath to take and some serious eating to do. The dumpling platters alone are the stuff of legend. Hell there might even be leftovers.”

“Only if Makaro’s not around.” Chouji said. He stood up. “Chouichi?”

“Yeah?” Chouichi asked.

“If it takes me my whole life,” Chouji said, “I’m gonna make this up to you. I swear it.”

“I believe you, little brother.” Chouichi replied. He stood up. “Come on, butterfly.”

He led the future Head of the Akimichi inside as a soft breeze blew, bending grass stalks and causing the chimes in the windows to sound.

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its fucked up how hippos look so cute and silly and are capable of such incredible violence

like i get it, but i want a hippo to be my friend instead of being a universally lethal encounter

look at that stance

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I’ve always hated the “I killed this person to avenge someone, but I didn’t bother to verify their guilt” trope. And I just realized this is also why I hate that so many people do not verify sources or consider a bigger picture before they throw themselves on the angry, righteous dog pile. Because Othello kills Desdemona over lies and we elected Cheeto Voldemort.

Going offline for a while

Jun. 26th, 2017 05:57 pm
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Zillow is threatening to sue me if I don’t delete most of the posts on this blog. Anyone who can see this who can help, please contact


Fair use experts? @transformativeworks?

@fyeahcopyright? Does this fall under fair use for parody?


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