Lunar and Solar Halo Composite

Jun. 26th, 2017 03:01 am
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Moon_sun_halo_5 (3)

Photographer: Hubert Drozdz

Summary Authors: Hubert Drozdz; Jim Foster

The image above is a composite of a solar and lunar 22 degree halo as observed 18 days apart, from the same location (Radomsko, Poland), and using the same photographic equipment. The solar halo was taken on March 19, 2017, at 3:30 PM; the lunar halo was captured on April 6, 2017, at 11:00 PM -- the Moon was in the gibbous phase.

Moonlight or sunlight shining through six-sided (pencil-shaped) ice crystals that compose cirrus clouds result in 22 degree halos. Light first passes through the side faces of the randomly oriented (more or less) crystals, is refracted 22 degrees and then exits through one of the crystal's alternate side faces. Though the lunar halo may be more conspicuous than the solar halo, especially if the Moon is full, the colors are harder to detect since the Moon is a weak light source in comparison to the Sun.

Photo Details:  Canon EOS 450D camera; Samyand 8mm (Fish-Eye) lens; Adobe Photoshop CS 4. 

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As a disabled person, my needs are not special. They are the exact same needs as an abled person. I want to enter buildings, I want to park, I want to visit museums, I want to go to the bathroom. I want to not be in crippling pain all day every day. I want to have the energy to go for a swim. I want to travel without worrying about how I’m going to carry my luggage, navigate the airports, use public transit, be active every day. I want to get my hair done without wondering if my neck will be able to hold my head up that day. I want to go to therapy without my dad needing to take time off work to drive me. I want my first thoughts when I look at an apartment, a house, to be “do I like this, can I see myself living here” not “is this accessible, are there bathrooms on every floor, are the hallways wide enough for my walker, will I be able to use a wheelchair here”.

These are the same needs as any other person out there. They are not special, they are normal. And if I hear one more person use the term “special needs” when talking about me or what I need, I’m going to have my wife punch them in the face for me, because I can’t do that either. And, for the record, that’s not a special need either.

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Well, here we go, a topic where I don't have a whole playlist to throw around, and if I did, I wouldn't want to. I don't have a lot of people I want to forget in my life; the people I've known who were entirely negative, I want to remember whatever made me despise them so I can avoid it in the future.

So I'm stuck trying to figure out... are there songs I associate with the racist sexist step-uncle in Arkansas? With the kids who harassed me for being terrible at sports? With the teacher who gave me detention for reading in class? (I wasn't reading what everyone else was, because I'd finished it.) With the evil ex?

Wait, yes! There's a song that I like very much, that is so tangled with the evil ex (it was on one of his mix tapes) that I can't listen to it without unpleasant memories. :( Which is as close as I get to "a song that reminds you of someone you'd rather forget," I think.

This song is far too mellow for the associations I have with it. )

Meme list
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I’m so glad you asked about this! 

Okay, so I could be like ‘ninja magic mercury’ but in true Naruto pseudo-science bullshit style, let’s talk mercury as a potential ninja tool! 

It’s…really not terribly useful. Mercury does dissolve other metals to create amalgams, but on its own its industrial purposes in a world like the Naruto universe would be limited to things like thermometers. 

 Mercury has been used IRL as a poison before, but if you’re up against all the fictional poisons in the Naruto ‘verse it’s sort of lackluster. Mercury poisoning is hardly instantaneous unless the person being poisoned has managed to eat a shitton of it. 

Which leads us, of course, to Chouichi’s interesting fashion choice. 

The freezing point of mercury is -38 fahrenheit or -38.89 celsius, AKA really fucking cold.  As Chouichi has the Ice Release bloodline limit, the mercury he keeps on his person is indeed constantly stabilized by being frozen solid. Additionally, there is a very thin layer of ice between Chouichi’s skin and his sweet lethal body art. 

(Itachi was not thrilled when this first came up. Not at all.) 

So what’s the point in carrying something on your skin that is toxic to you, becomes liquid with ease, and doesn’t really do much damage to another human unless they use it as a sandwich condiment? 

The decision to use mercury as a backup weapon was made during an ill-advised but mostly successful raid on one of Danzo’s old contacts. It was close quarters and standard Akimichi techniques OR Chouichi’s ice would have been really obvious and caused them problems. 

So Chouichi gambled and it turned out that the mercury in his mark’s very expensive thermometer was useful after all. 

Chouichi doesn’t keep his mercury on him because of its toxicity. 

He keeps it on him because it can turn from solid to liquid so quickly. 

(this next bit is COMPLETE Naruto pseudo-science bullshit, kids, not a bit of it would work irl I have no doubt.) 

When in close quarters combat, all Chouichi has to do is lay a hand on his opponent for long enough to run his mercury off of his arms and onto his victim. To do this without poisoning himself he creates little frozen ‘bridges’ for the mercury to slide along- the stuff on top moves and the stuff below freezes, sort of creating its own conveyor belt. 

Once that mercury is planted, Chouichi backs off and manipulates the water within the mercury. It finds an orifice on the victim and enters. Chouichi then freezes it. 

The end result is normally death by asphyxiation. 

Since this is a sort of last-ditch technique and only useful in specific situations the amount of mercury Chouichi keeps on him is very limited and he’ll do his best to keep using the same mercury over and over until he is forced to replace it. 

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the whole “i used to be a teen who hated authority only to grow up to become the authority that hates teens” is a bad bad thing that practically every other generation has fallen into and we all need to make an extremely conscious effort not to repeat the fucking pattern

Studies have shown that the shift starts to happen around age 30. If you’re close to that, make a conscious effort to be open to and accepting of younger people. I’m 31 and paying close attention to how I react to young people and new trends and shit and trying to keep myself from developing those thought patterns.

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In Islamic culture, geometry is everywhere. You can find it in mosques, madrasas, palaces and private homes. This tradition began in the 8th century CE during the early history of Islam, when craftsman took preexisting motifs from Roman and Persian cultures and developed them into new forms of visual expression. 

This period of history was a golden age of Islamic culture, during which many achievements of previous civilizations were preserved and further developed, resulting in fundamental advancements in scientific study and mathematics. Accompanying this was an increasingly sophisticated use of abstraction and complex geometry in Islamic art, from intricate floral motifs adorning carpets and textiles, to patterns of tile work that seemed to repeat infinitely, inspiring wonder and contemplation of eternal order.


 Despite the remarkable complexity of these designs, they can be created with just a compass to draw circles and a ruler to make lines within them, and from these simple tools emerges a kaleidoscope multiplicity of patterns. So how does that work? Well, everything starts with a circle. The first major decision is how will you divide it up? Most patterns split the circle into four, five or six equal sections. And each division gives rise to distinctive patterns. 


There’s an easy way to determine whether any pattern is based on fourfold, fivefold, or sixfold symmetry. Most contain stars surrounded by petal shapes. Counting the number of rays on a starburst, or the number of petals around it, tells us what category the pattern falls into. A star with six rays, or surrounded by six petals, belongs in the sixfold category. One with eight petals is part of the fourfold category, and so on. 


There’s another secret ingredient in these designs: an underlying grid. Invisible, but essential to every pattern, the grid helps determine the scale of the composition before work begins, keeps the pattern accurate, and facilitates the invention of incredible new patterns. Let’s look at an example of how these elements come together. 


We’ll start with a circle within a square, and divide it into eight equal parts. We can then draw a pair of criss-crossing lines and overlay them with another two. These lines are called construction lines, and by choosing a set of their segments, we’ll form the basis of our repeating pattern. 


Many different designs are possible from the same construction lines just by picking different segments. And the full pattern finally emerges when we create a grid with many repetitions of this one tile in a process called tessellation.


By choosing a different set of construction lines, we might have created this any of the above patterns. The possibilities are virtually endless.  


We can follow the same steps to create sixfold patterns by drawing construction lines over a circle divided into six parts, and then tessellating it, we can make something like the above.


Here’s another sixfold pattern that has appeared across the centuries and all over the Islamic world, including Marrakesh, Agra, Konya and the Alhambra. 


Fourfold patterns fit in a square grid, and sixfold patterns in a hexagonal grid. 


Fivefold patterns, however, are more challenging to tessellate because pentagons don’t neatly fill a surface, so instead of just creating a pattern in a pentagon, other shapes have to be added to make something that is repeatable, resulting in patterns that may seem confoundingly complex, but are still relatively simple to create. 

This more than 1,000-year-old tradition has wielded basic geometry to produce works that are intricate, decorative and pleasing to the eye. And these craftsman prove just how much is possible with some artistic intuition, creativity, dedication along with a great compass and ruler.

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Damn, save some for the rest of us

This is like the opposite of that dude sliding down a snowy hill with classical music

unstoppable force vs immovable object

starcrossed lovers

a challenger approaches:

these men represent 3 different facets of the physiology of human beings

gas station dude: raw physical power 

classical music guy sliding down a snowy hill without skis: polished intellect

scooter man: unstoppable libido

gas station dude: id

classical music guy sliding down a snowy hill without skis: super-ego

scooter man: ego

last ones tonight

Jun. 25th, 2017 10:55 pm
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Why Travis Kalanick resigned as Uber president. Quote: As Axios’s Dan Primack wrote, “Someone close to Uber recently said to me: ‘It’s wrong to say that Uber doesn’t care about women. It doesn’t really care about people, and women are people. It’s incidental.’ ”

In some of the Midwest, the problem is too many jobs and not enough workers.

In NYC, fighting for the immigrants of Little Pakistan.

Liberals in strange places... like Montana.

There may be a way to kill the Trumpcare bill.

Natives on the Hill -- an antidote to homesickness for Native Americans at the Capitol.

A superhero power for our time -- handling the truth.
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words i can’t take seriously anymore: 

  • valid
  • problematic

the last one is an issue for me because it gets used a lot with, like, taxonomy? 

like damn who’s gonna write the callout post for these gerbils

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it was as if the gods of legend had returned to earth – at least, if you read about it in the papers, that is. to follow the marvels through their combat, as the sub-mariner bolted from landmark to landmark sowing destruction, the torch a streak of fire on his tail – it must have seemed like a glorious aerial ballet. dangerous, beautiful, and thrilling.


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Queen Elizabeth II accompanied by The Prince of Wales, The Duchess of Cornwall and The Princess Royal as they attend the day two of Royal Ascot at Ascot Racecourse | June 21, 2017

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Posted by morbane

In the last four weeks, there have been two works added to the New Year's Resolution collection. Enjoy!

Early Morning Interlude (317 words) by Calacious
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Back to the Future (Movies)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Emmett "Doc" Brown/Marty McFly
Characters: Marty McFly, Emmett "Doc" Brown
Additional Tags: Light & Fluffy, Triple Drabble, Future Fic, Gift Fic

It's five a.m. and Marty's talking nonsense in his sleep. Doc couldn't be happier.

ain't no shortcuts home (11768 words) by dirty_diana
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Killjoys (TV)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Dutch & D'avin Jaqobis, D'avin Jaqobis & Johnny Jaqobis, Dutch & Johnny Jaqobis, Dutch & Johnny Jaqobis & D'avin Jaqobis
Characters: Dutch (Killjoys), D'avin Jaqobis, Johnny Jaqobis
Additional Tags: Age Regression/De-Aging, D'avin adopts a cat, D'avin is an excellent babysitter, Interplanetary Travel, extravehicular activity, Brothers, Action/Adventure, Post-Season/Series 02, Cats, Male-Female Friendship

D'avin accidentally adopts a kitten. Dutch accidentally gets turned into a wary pre-teen girl. The Quad is on the brink of war, Johnny is still mourning his murdered lover, and the Jaqobis brothers are just trying to keep the chaos aboard Lucy under control.

D'avin has no idea what he's doing. But that part is pretty normal.

Until assignments are sent out (approximately) for Yuletide 2017, the New Year's Resolution collection (2017 edition) is open for writers to submit fics based on prompts from previous Yuletides.

Writers are especially encouraged to write stories for prompts that were not filled during the main Yuletide run.

2016 prompts on AO3
Google spreadsheet of all prompts (thank you to Min)
Database of 2016's Dear Author letters (thank you to lsellersfic)
2016 prompts as a text file
Prompts from 2016's non-signed-up pinch hitters on LJ and on DW
Some Day My Fic Will Come mini-challenge - This challenge is for prompts that are posted year after year after year - see more info at the link!

Fics written for the purpose of re-qualifying for Yuletide must be posted before sign-ups begin for Yuletide 2017 (ie, before October 10). They must also be over 1,000 words and written to a previous Yuletide prompt. The fandom in which they are written must still be small enough to qualify for Yuletide (in brief: there are fewer than 1,000 fics each (that are over 1,000 words, in English, and complete) when adding the total fics on AO3 and
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We were invited to post early, so here is my and Wren's Cap RBB:

Tony Stark and the Mysterious Marksman (18510 words) by Sineala
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Marvel (Comics), Marvel Noir
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: James "Bucky" Barnes/Tony Stark
Characters: Tony Stark, James "Bucky" Barnes, Steve Rogers, Invaders (Team), Nick Fury, Carol Danvers, Victor von Doom
Additional Tags: Action/Adventure, Secret Identity, Identity Porn, World War II, Hero Worship, Doombots, Latveria, Snipers, Explosions, Canon-Typical Violence
Summary: The year is 1943, and the war is swinging into an unexpected front: the Allies need to get their hands on every magical item they can find before someone else does. There's no one more qualified for the job than Tony Stark, former adventurer for Marvels magazine. When Nick Fury sends him on his latest mission, Tony finally gets the chance to work with Captain America... and the guy won't stop extolling the wonders of his partner, some kid called Bucky. But when Tony gets back to base, he meets someone even better than the Bucky of Cap's stories: an enigmatic -- and incredibly handsome -- marksman by the name of James Barnes.

That's right, it's Marvel Noir Winteriron identity porn! I've never written Winteriron before, but this was a lot of fun! It was written to accompany Wren's gorgeous art, which you can view here. (The stargazing art was the original art, she drew the sniping art to go with the story, and the art at the end she drew to have more Noir art and I asked if I could steal it and put that scene in. So I did.) I originally wasn't even going to write for this, but the art just won me over (because OMG NOIR) and then I had an identity porn idea and... all of this happened.

I hope all three of you who like this pairing will appreciate this story. :D You probably don't need to know anything about Marvel Noir; I explain it at the beginning if you're curious.
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The Quenda (or Southern Brown Bandicoot, Isoodon obesulus) is a small marsupial of the South-West of Western Australia, and other pockets around the coast of Australia.

Under threat from clearing and feral animals (due to both predation and competition for food), it was very unexpected to see one on the edge of the CBD, in Queen Victoria Gardens in Claisebrook. It was even more unexpected to see it in the middle of the day, right next to the main walk-path! 

They are listed as Endangered in Australia.

Cut for size )
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2 dudes, chillin in open graves, 5 feet apart cause they’re not gay

This is actually an art piece by Miller & Shellabarger where they dug graves connected by a tunnel so they could hold hands. They are very much gay and irl married

they are in fact married for real

out of all the explanations, two gay husbands making a gay art piece was defiantly not on my list  


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