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One of the panels at Close Quarters was a discussion of our favorite (and/or) desert island fic/zine/episode of Pros; ie what we would take if we knew we would be stranded on a desert island with a solar-paneled dvd player. Some of the novel-length fic made it into both categories, by the way. Most but not all of this is online, but I'm not up to doing links. The Circuit Archive and The Hatstand have the ones that are online. Note: This is not a list of my recs, but CQ's collective recs. There are one or two on here that I hated, though for the most part those on the list that I've read, I've really loved.

My choices
Episode: Hunter/Hunted, for the "You'll save me" scene, Doyle jumping the rail, and the scene in the car with Kathy
Zine: Catch a Fallen Star, which also goes on my top ten fanfics of all times and fandoms.
Fic: Sebastian's Wonderful Tonight. Someday I will write my manifesto on why this is the perfect fanfic. Or at least the perfect Professionals fanfic, as it probably wouldn't be as good without canon knowledge.

Desert Island Episodes, in order of number of votes:
Purging of CI5, which I agree is the best ep to pimp somebody into this fandom
Blind Run
First Night
Mixed Doubles
Everest Was Also Conquered
Fall Girl
Discovered in a Graveyard
Close Quarters

Desert Island Zines, with those with multiple votes at the top:
Catch a Fallen Star
Harlequin Airs
Waiting to Fall (loooooooooong)
Fruit of the Spirit
Larton Chronicles
Never Let me Down
Arabian Nights (I actually can't stand this one, but the rest of fandom loves it, and I will admit that it's very well-written)
The Hunting
Flesh & Steel
Hunted by Devils
All the Queen's Men
Never Far Apart #1 and #2
British Takeaway
Unprofessional Conduct #1
The Fox & Wolf trilogy
Motet #2 and #4
Printed Circuits #1, the one with "Kind Hearts" by O Yardley
Keynote series

Desert Island Fic, with those with multiple votes at the top:
Tethered Goats & Tigers
Hyperion to a Satyr
Professional Dreamer
Harlequin Airs
The Return
All These Years
Rainy Days series
Day in the Country
Black Sheep
Hyperion to a Satyr
Sunday Bloody Sunday
Adagio series
Trial Run
Master of the Revels
Wine-Dar Nexus
Fly on the Wall
Small Rain
The Strongest Will
Spring-Heeled Jack
Suitable Gravity
A Different Game
Legacy of Temptation
Camera Shy
Bodie's Letter
Wonderful Tonight


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