Dec. 22nd, 2009

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Yay for Christmas!

So many presents at once. *glee* At work ('twas the last day!!) the staff serenaded me. It was awesome.

Christmas cards! I heart Christmas cards! Thank you to everyone who sent me a card! They are sooo lovely!

And my dad revived my laptop! The one that kept eating my novels? I'll never trust it again, but as a backup to take on the metro it's perfect, because I've already written it off in my mind. (He mailed it, and asked how much he should insure it for. I told him that when I gave it to him, it was a doorstop, and why insure a doorstop?)

Sir Now Appearing's gift to me this year is our very own internet so we can stop stealing the neighbor's (crappy) internet. My gift to him is a dvd player. (If our gifts to each other sound a little self-serving, I could mention that last year, I gave him jumper cables. This year is an improvement.) We haven't managed to make it work quite correctly, but it works if we unplug the digital converter box, so now we're watching The Princess Bride. After that, I intend to see if I can make it region-free and watch my Professionals dvds at last!

And [ profile] jojosimco has fulfilled a longstanding wish and made Pros podfic! *happy dance*

I'm leaving in a few hours for ten days, mostly without internet. So:

Happy holidays, everyone! May all your wishes come true! Happy new year!


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