Jun. 29th, 2009

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zana16: The Beatles with text "All you need is love" (Default)
I did it! I finally bought my tickets to London!

I've been putting that off for months. Every time I thought about it, I started panicking. It took me two hours to get to the office today (stoopid Metro, either the damn rail is safe or it isn't; if it isn't you shouldn't have trains on it at all, going one mile an hour is not going to make the thing safe!! grr) but it was entirely worth it because now I have tickets, I am registered for Festival, and it did not cost as much as I had feared.

This weekend I took Refuge Vows for the first time, so I can now say I'm really a Buddhist. Which is... scary (aah! commitment!) but also incredibly, surprisingly comforting.

Now my only nervousness is 6000+ Kadampas in a small town, let alone the part where we'll all try to crowd into the temple. I don't do well with crowds.

I stuck two days on after Festival ends to do... something. I dunno. Anyone want me to come visit them? I'll be near Manchester for Festival, then in London as that's where I'm flying out.
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Okay, I spoke too soon. I just got off hold with my credit card company -- my credit card would not go through online for my tickets. Because the security code, those three digits on the back of my card? The card I have had for years? Apparently the security code does not match the one in Capital One's database. The security code worked at 11 o'clock this morning -- but not at 11:15, and Capital One cannot change the security code back to what it actually says on the card no matter how many hours of hold music you listen to.

My debit card won't work because there's a $500 daily limit for withdrawal.

I did learn that when Capital One screws you over big time they give you gift cards. They cannot fix the problem, they can only send me a new card. In two days. The reservation expires in 12 hours.

I think it is time to go throw myself upon my father's mercies and scream "rescue me!"

The process of them verifying my identity with the fraud department was interesting. It's kind of scary how much they know about me that I NEVER told them.

So: Capital One's advantage is that they don't charge extra for overseas purchases. Which means I'm going to keep the card. But it will not be my primary card. Capital One screwed me over once before, so enough is enough.

Question: Does anyone have *positive* experiences with their credit card company? Two customer service SNAFUs -- and if I don't buy these tickets, the airline prices go up dramatically -- and I'm shopping for a new credit provider. Recommendations?


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