Jun. 21st, 2009

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I finally made it over to Artomatic yesterday, with Capi. I offered an avacado as incentive, but I think she had fun. The Peeps dioramas were awesome. Albus Cavus's art was on several floors, and I'm sure we didn't find all of it. I ran into a former coworker, and then later I ran into that coworker's sister and introduced her to Capi with completely the wrong name, and my face is still red about that.

Today I went to Quaker Meeting for the first time in a long time. It was nice. I think I'm going to find the Takoma Park Meeting and start attending -- I went to Friends Meeting of Washington, cause they were having a forum afterwards that I wanted to attend. It was on Friends who also practice other faiths, a subject near and dear to my heart! So in a Meeting of several hundred, there are at least a handful; I would not be alone. Also when the guy who's practicing Buddhism said something about Buddhism making him a better Quaker, and vice versa, that really rang true. And then he was explaining about Buddhist nonattachment, how attachment causes suffering and about how you can achieve liberation from suffering, but don't get too caught up in that because you'll get attached to the idea and then you'll cause yourself more suffering. Which, well, sounds self-evident put that way. But no one in the past year and a half of my studying has been able to say that in a way I've been able to hear. And *poof*, just like that, I'm much more okay. I don't have to be attached to attaining liberation in this lifetime.

I went to the glbt bookstore afterwards to get a book, but it turned out to cost $32 -- hah! I got some books by Melissa Scott instead.

Since it wasn't too hot and was a little overcast but not rainy, I decided spur-of-the-moment to go kiyaking. I rented a boat at Bladensburg Park. The tide was *extremely* low, and the Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens are only partially accessible even at high tide (I once got myself stuck in the rushes and mud, and almost had to call for help, but the prospect of sheer humiliation gave me the strength to un-stick myself), so I didn't even try, but went much further down the river than I've ever been before. The Anacostia is one of the most polluted rivers in North America, so I didn't particularly want to *touch* the water, but it was great being out *on* it. Lots of families were fishing with their kids, which, well, I completely support teaching your kids to forage for food, but this is not the river to do it in, okay? Every time I kiyak there I mean to bring heavy-duty gloves and trash bag, and I always forget. Still, gorgeous. And surprisingly not buggy. This was a plus, as I still haven't cleared with the doctor whether "no skin lotions or oils" means no bug spray. Also I wasn't sure about sunscreen, so my upper arms are now bright red.

What with all that's going on in Iran, I feel pretty selfish writing about myself. ...


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