Apr. 2nd, 2009

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It only took me 9 months of pain before I finally went to the doctor this Tuesday... As I suspected (after ruling out my biggest irrational fear, diabetes), it's a plantar fasciitis, aka a fancy word for "your foot hurts and we don't know why." Never one to trust conventional medicine, I find this a bullshit diagnosis and would have been pretty upset with it except! They don't know why it happened, but they can make it go away (knock on wood). A four-dollar prescription from Target later, and I feel like I am walking on the moon. Seriously.

I can walk without pain. It's amazing. I skipped the bus today because it didn't hurt to walk the extra mile. I felt like I could keep going forever! Descending into the Metro on the escalator, I actually walked down the steps instead of riding it down, because I no longer have to hold my foot immobile to avoid the sharpest pain.

Whenever I stand, I automatically start to limp, then realize I don't have to anymore! This is the best day ever. I heart conventional medicine! Better living through chemistry baby!

Couldn't muster the courage to read the list of side effects for the drug. Am in denial. What I don't know could hurt me, but probably not much more than the pain I was already in, right?


zana16: The Beatles with text "All you need is love" (Default)

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